Baby Born Magic Girl 43CM

Baby Born Magic Girl 43CM

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Baby born now comes with 10 amazing functions including new Magic Eyes! Great for imaginative play this new function will allow little ones to be in control of waking their Baby born and putting her to sleep. Simply pop the dummy in her mouth and twist one way to open her eyes and the other way to close, regardless of whether the doll is lying down.

It doesn't stop there, Baby born Magic Girl has all the amazing functions as before. She can drink real water, cry tears, wet her nappy or go to the potty. Plus she can eat her special food, go in the bath and more! Perfect for little ones to get creative in their play, Baby born Magic Girl will soon become your little one's best friend.

Baby born Magic Girl also has flexible arms and legs so she can sit on her own and be dressed easily with our stylish clothing range. Plus she comes with some amazing accessories for lots of imaginative play whilst looking after her including a nappy for any changes, a bottle for drinking water, potty for toilet breaks, plate and spoon, and of course the dummy for her Magic Eyes!

BABY born Magic Girl comes dressed in a lovely short sleeved pink romper and matching hat.

  • Includes: A 43cm Magic Girl, birth certificate, bracelet for doll and child, bottle, dummy, nappy, plate, spoon, potty and food.
  • 10 amazing life-like functions including drinking water and crying tears, controlling her wee and poop, she can even go in the bath.
  • Includes 10 accessories for lots of imaginative play.
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