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Discover dino adventures with Lego 31151 Creator 3 In 1 T-Rex! Perfect for kids aged 9+, this 626-piece set offers endless fun. Build a posable T-Rex, then rebuild it into a triceratops or a pterodactyl. Each dinosaur features movable parts for realistic play. Shop online at Toys At Foys and enjoy creative, hands-on fun with this exciting toy. Perfect for young dino enthusiasts!

Each dinosaur in the set is highly posable, allowing for dynamic play and storytelling. The T-Rex features a movable head, tail, jaw, arms, legs, feet, and toes, bringing the king of the dinosaurs to life. When it’s time for a new adventure, rebuild the T-Rex into a triceratops with three horns and movable legs and head, or a pterodactyl with impressive, flappable wings.

This item is available for Pre-order only. It will ship from June 1st 2024.

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1 Set: Build a T-Rex, triceratops, or pterodactyl.
  • Posable Dinosaurs: Each dinosaur features movable parts for dynamic play.
  • Creative Play: Encourages imaginative storytelling and role-playing.
  • High-Quality Pieces: Durable and colorful Lego bricks for endless fun.
  • Develop Skills: Enhances fine motor skills and spatial awareness.
  • Great Gift: Perfect for young dinosaur enthusiasts aged 9 and up.
  • Engaging Build: 626 pieces provide an exciting and challenging build.
  • Realistic Designs: Vibrant and detailed dinosaur models.
  • Combination Fun: Can be combined with other Lego Creator sets.
  • Interactive Play: Ideal for solo or group play.
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