Match Attax Trading Cards Booster Tins Asst (TOP706543)

Match Attax Trading Cards Booster Tins Asst (TOP706543)

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Each tin sold separately 

Get ready for an epic football season with Match Attax 2023/2024! This collection brings together the world's biggest superstars from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa Conference League in a collection of 4 special themed Booster tins.

This is the official, 100% licensed Ultimate Trading Card Game representing all UEFA Club competitions.

Discover the world's biggest players in this new collection, featuring rare draws, brand new Limited Edition cards and super-exclusive cards. Open the packs and unlock awesome NEW SURPRISES in Topps' largest UCL Match Attax collection ever!

Each pack contains an astonishing 3 Special Insert Cards, making these packs packed to the brim with football fun!


  • Newly designed Limited Edition cards.
  • Brand new relic cards.
  • Chrome Pro Elite Shield Cards.

Included in the package:

  • 42 cards in total.
  • 2 Exclusive Limited Edition cards.
  • Rare Relic cards, with one chance in 28 lucky tins.

Don't miss the chance to collect this beautiful Match Attax collection featuring the biggest names in the sport.

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