Play Doh On The Go Imagine & Store Studio (H12/63638)

Play Doh On The Go Imagine & Store Studio (H12/63638)

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Portable Creativity

This playset comes in a kid-friendly carrying case, making it easy for your little artist to take their creativity on the go. The case neatly stores everything that comes with the set, ensuring that no fun is left behind!

Fun Factory Tool
This classic tool allows kids to squeeze out 9 different star and moon shapes from Play-Doh. Imagine creating celestial wonders with just a press!

Fuzzy Pumper Tool
Silly Play-Doh hair is in the spotlight with this tool. Kids can pump out wacky hairstyles and let their imaginations run wild.

Over 30 Cool Tools
The set includes a variety of play surfaces, tools, and molds. Kids can roll, cut, shape, and mold their Play-Doh creations to their heart’s content.
The roller comes with six cutter attachments, perfect for crafting unique shapes. There’s even a pizza roller cutter, adding a dash of culinary creativity to the mix!
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