Vtech Busy Musical Bee (VT554703)

Vtech Busy Musical Bee (VT554703)

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The Busy Musical Bee by VTech Is a fantastic cuddly bee buddy for little one! Bee is made of soft fabrics created from 6 recycled plastics bottles!

Bee's soft fabrics are ideal for tactile stimulation and sensory discovery! Flap Bee's wings! Bee's soft wings have pockets in the back of them, allowing for puppet play with little one, a fun way to interact with your child! Press Bee's light up heart button to trigger fun responses and phrases! Hear 2 fun sing-along songs and 30 playful melodies when playing with Bee!

Electronic module inside Bee can be removed, allowing Bee to be hand washed.

Busy Musical Bee buddy made from soft recycled fabrics!

Fabrics made from 6 recycled plastic bottles!

Soft materials are ideal for little one’s sensory discovery.

Flap the wings to interact with baby!

Light up heart button triggers responses!

Suitable from 3 to 24 months

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